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Monday, September 15, 2008

Flowers of India

Many of us, who owns a digital camera are capturing the flora. But how many know the name of the flower?
So next time when you don't know the name, do visit Flowers of India. They have many flowers in their database with snaps. One can "Browse by Flower Color", using this option you will find many flowers of the particular color with snaps. So no need worry how to search the flower, only thing to be known is color and how it looks.
If you are a flora lover and know the names of many flowers you can help them identifying them. Here is link to unidentified flowers.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


While surfing the net i came to know about

On rambhai, you can share/read links which you think are of interest to Desis (this is a term used to refer to people who have some form of association with the Indian sub-continent).
But "Who is Rambhai?"
According to About Us page of the site
"Well. Rambhai is your neighborhood chaiwalla. It could be the guy serving in your college, just outside your workplace, anywhere you take a break, have a chai/coffee/smoke and discuss anything under the sun. We aspire to be that place on the net. Specifically, the name is inspired by Rambhai, the chaiwalla outside IIM Ahmedabad, who predates most people on the campus and is a very liked and talked about personality including in the classroom case-discussions of IIM Ahmedabad. IIMA guys-n-gals hang out there (many more options of hanging out have since come up like the CT etc) and chat about wide-ranging topics of interest."

Monday, September 01, 2008


The ad 'Your energy charger to start your day' by Tea board of India increased my intense desire to publish a website of tea. In this blog unlike my other post i am publishing more than 1 website. Tea Board of India has a page called 'A History of Tea Time line' also has some facts. has some recipes so that you can try some. Have a nice TEA TIME :-)


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